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I Graduted from Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology and had scholarship at the German Technische Universität Kaiserslautern. Gained experience in hotel, residential, office and retail design while working for GD&K Group and Ovotz design Lab as architect and architectural project manager. I also collaborated with other design studios: MKGA, G2O, Schwitzke & Górski. Currently I run the SUMA Architects practice, where my main resposibilities are team management and business development.

SUMA Architektow services include:

▪️ Real estate due dilligence
▪️ Conceptual designs
▪️ Design to get building permit
▪️ Real estate investment consulting
▪️ Interior design
▪️ Executive designs and cost estimates
▪️ Architectural project management
▪️ Obtaining necessary opinions and permissions, representing clients in order to get building permit
▪️ Heritage building design, renovation


Several dozen designed and built buildings. Over 30 000 m² of designed surface. Working as architect > 15 years.


Architecture should not only provide basic existetntial conditions but also respond to human needs in terms of belonging, recognition and self-fulfillment. The added value of the project is manifested in both logic and psycho-logic. The alchemy of architecture is created from the fusion of craft and imagination.

  • Designation: General Manager
  • Name: Michał Matejczyk